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A great, great day.

…and a better world for my daughter.

holy f*

Yikes, f8 looks like a monster, either a sea-change or the beginning of one. I guess openness really is built in to the way people want to use the Internet. Now, if only Yahoo!, Microsoft and Google would follow suit… come to think of it, if only the US mobile data market was opened up […]

Richard Rorty, rest in peace

A real hero of authentic, human, and humble attempts to figure out how to live and think: Richard Rorty, 1931-2007 Update: J├╝gen Habermas writes the eulogy: …philosophy is there to reconcile the celestial beauty of orchids with Trotsky’s dream of justice on earth. Nothing is sacred to Rorty the ironist. Asked at the end of […]

“What can design do?”

In a meeting last week, I said I wanted to try to involve some other designers in a project, but just got a blank look and the question “what can design do?” — designers can’t really help with the actual making of the product, they meant. Ugh. It’s true: Silicon Valley-type engineers and other very […]

go mets

The Mets have come into their own as a team, finally. They have a convincing claim on leadership of the East, built with hard work and despite missing their best pitcher, while the Yankees cannot find a win with a huge roster of monster talents and an almost hysterical desperation. It shouldn’t be this way […]

thank you

Thank you to Joy, Ash, Bradley, Caterina, Salim, and Larry, who said yes go ahead, and thank you to Mike Chang, Aaron Koblin, and Juliana Yamashita, who made all of the utterly amazing visuals and demos, thank you to Brian, Brooke, Eliote, Christine, Jennifer, and Carrie who did the hard work, and thank you to […]

ideal use case for tagging behavior

This screengrab is the list of tags for a Flickr photo I ran across randomly. It feels more like micro (or nano?) blogging than tagging, in fact it’s anti-social! I love casual personal revelations. It feels like there is a great deal of rich meaning in fragments of thoughts and ideas set down semiprivately (in […]

The Mob vs. the Groundswell

I got a very quick and intense sample of what it’s like to get public attention — now that no one reads my blog again (and I have the numbers to prove it) I can write about it. In this episode, I was just not ready for the fact that in that arena everything is […]

choosing to live in fear

New laws are limiting very old protections that individuals have had: not to be held indefinitely without trial or access to a lawyer, no warrantless searches, no torture, the right to a fair trial. Where is the crisis that justifies these changes? Even if terrorists attack again and again and kill thousands more, which they […]


Finally, there is a feed reader at least as good at Bloglines and a bit better: the new version of Google Reader. Whew. As soon as I have five free minutes I will integrate its shared links feed into my blog, and my little information ecosystem will be easier. Still wishing for: a way of […]