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The day will come when all the screens are part of some exploitative apparatus, but for now: let the kids binge on their screens There are some dark joys in a world that reacts to every touch, and games and messages are as comforting as a rerun when nothing else is on Such an orderly […]


Mel walks back as slowly as he can Rod checks his phone rhythmically Sal’s cart pulls violently to the left Richard cannot picture her hand Harold frowns as his gaze drifts around a screen Lucy decides that this will be the last one Hannah holds a piece of paper above her head Melissa smokes in […]


Characters Cesare Angelotti, escaped political prisoner Mario Cavaradossi, a painter Floria Tosca, a singer, Mario’s girlfriend Baron Scarpia, chief of the secret police Spoletta, a spy Rome, June 1800. Napoleon, an army general and ruler of France, is invading Rome. Mario, Tosca, and Cesare want Napoleon to win. The Baron Scarpia is fighting against Napoleon. […]


fireeagle figured out!

UPDATE Belay that. FireEagle not figured out 🙁 Damn, that was hard (for me). I finally have my tiny scratch of a twitter & location Web app (“twiphlo”) updating not only twitter’s profile location, but also fire eagle. It’s still hacky, but it works. If you are one of my 12 4 regular users and […]

HOWTO: Make a Mac development environment with Eclipse, Subversion, Apache, MySQL+phpmyadmin, and PHP5

At my job they use a more elaborate setup for development than I’ve been used to (the Very Special engineer that I am). It has some advantages over the quick ‘n dirty approach I’ve used, but it has proved to be extremely tricky to set up. So I thought I would share the set of […]

funniest thing I’ve read in a long time


hush from benjaminclemens on Vimeo.

the banality of parity

The launches of AIM Pages and MySpace Messenger fill me with ennui. It is encouraging to see so many people and companies pursuing what is ultimately a good thing for everyone (social applications and media), but I think that here, as with so many other social applications, the product capability precedes a useful or fun […]

Damn, Wrong Again!

Francis Fukuyama is one of the smartest people who writes about politics (as far as I can tell), yet he is also consistently wrong in his assertions and theories.* In the early 90s his very influential essay The End of History and the Last Man, he proposed that geopolitics had reached a resting place with the fall of the USSR, that the world would tend toward stable democracy.** That didn’t turn out to be quite true, to say the least…. After Sept.11, 2001, Fukuyama and a collection of other intellectuals that have come to be known as the neoconservatives argued for a military approach to taking on the threat of Islamic terrorism, arguing that the United States must promote Western values and political systems worldwide, and not tolerate challenges to its authority.