the iphone and swooshiness

It was impossible for me not to know about the iPhone as soon as it happened, I am a sucker for anything Apple. But I don’t actually want one, which is weird to me, as usually I would want one of each from the entire Apple Store. I don’t love my Treo at all, but the main value in it for me is as an Internet device; for that the damn keyboard is the affordance that makes it workable and useful. I really do hope that the touch screen is a great text entry thingy, but having used many, I can’t really see how it will be.
But I do like the phone for the way that the interface is implemented. It is nicely visually polished, and the interaction design is ok, but what really makes it sparkle I think is the cinematic way that all interactions have smooth transitions from one state to the next. Looking at the demo of retrieving a voice mail, all the steps flow smoothly into one another, and when I close an item it zooms back into the place where it came from.
It’s profoundly relaxing to see, and makes me realize how much brain overhead it takes on a daily basis to look at my phone and interpret what is happening, what just happened, and what I can do next; these things take very very tiny bits of attention, but it really adds up. It’s like a tracking shot in a movie; where rather than cutting from shot to shot to show someone doing something the camera simply moves to follow them continuously ( I think of the opening sequence in Nashville and Boogie Nights β€” it works to introduce the characters because it’s obvious whose story it is from the shot, instead of asking you to interpret artful framing or a sequence of different emphases into a whole).
Web design could use some of this continuous quality. The fanciest Ajaxified sites are still mostly a deck of flash cards, unfortunately.
UPDATE: I now own one, of course. My skepticism lasted only until the price drop πŸ™‚