twiphlo: another fake startup!

“Twiphlo” (yeah, twitter iphone location… can’t have a fake startup without a cutesy name) is my tiny contribution to making one particular activity easier: combining twitter with location updating, as an iPhone web app (yeah, I know web apps are dead on iPhone). The idea is that you can replicate some of the functions of brightkite and myloki without dealing with multiple services by just updating Twitter’s location field in your profile. And, when having a history of your twitters with location information is interesting, you can see your past locations and tweets on a map. It also generates a geoRSS feed and a KML feed (Google Earth).

Of course, I only made this for myself, but it’s there to try and to use if anyone finds it useful:

It’s functional in a web browser, but it works best in Safari or on an iPhone.

Disclaimers & Details: This is a test app. It gathers personal information. Use at your own risk. You may lose data, it may not work, Twitter may be down, etc. This application saves your Twitter password to a cookie on your local device only, mildly encrypted. Your username, locations, and tweets are stored on my secure database, to draw the map. If you are uncomfortable with this, bookmark this link and the app will not store any information locally or remotely. I will never have access to your Twitter account, and all the information stored is public already (unless you’ve set your tweets to private by default).

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