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Damn, Wrong Again!

Francis Fukuyama is one of the smartest people who writes about politics (as far as I can tell), yet he is also consistently wrong in his assertions and theories.* In the early 90s his very influential essay The End of History and the Last Man, he proposed that geopolitics had reached a resting place with the fall of the USSR, that the world would tend toward stable democracy.** That didn’t turn out to be quite true, to say the least…. After Sept.11, 2001, Fukuyama and a collection of other intellectuals that have come to be known as the neoconservatives argued for a military approach to taking on the threat of Islamic terrorism, arguing that the United States must promote Western values and political systems worldwide, and not tolerate challenges to its authority.

Fluid Expectations

The nomination, which seemed to be Dean’s to lose, is now up for grabs going into the New Hampshire primary. Democrats, whose choice in Iowa reflects a very fluid and changeable sensibility, seem to have had second thoughts about Howard Dean. Kerry likely seemed the stronger candidate than Gephardt, and Edwards seems to be everyone’s […]

Swing vs. Base

In the past two presidential elections, political consultants had created the conventional wisdom that the electorate was evenly divided between Democrats

The Actual Choice

With his visit to Baghdad, George Bush has even more closely tied his presidency to what transpires in Iraq. Most American people, the U.S. soldiers in Iraq, and most Iraqis very much want to believe in the promise implied by the president’s visit: that he is personally invested in taking a very hard situation and […]


The “new bill” offering a form of prescription drug benefit alongside Medicare benefits is the product of many motivations: to pass a bill called “prescription drug benefit,” to provide a benefit that competes with Medicare and makes it impossible for liberal Democrats to support, and to provide a new market for insurance companies. Given the […]

Against Interests

Recent news, including a stagnant job market and an expensive Iraqi occupation, has been weighing on George Bush’s prospects for re-election. Recent polls show a dead heat with a generic Democrat: But if voters are unhappy with Mr. Bush, they have even less regard for the Democratic candidates for president: While the poll is an […]

‘With Us or Against Us’

Zbigniew Brzezinski’s remarks from the “New American Strategies for Security and Peace” conference: “Since the tragedy of 9-11 which understandably shook and outraged everyone in this country, we have increasingly embraced at the highest official level what I think fairly can be called a paranoiac view of the world. Summarized in a phrase repeatedly used […]


It really is beyond belief that the genesis of the Bush administration’s belief that Iraq sought nuclear material in Africa was disaffected ex-CIA agents. But putting that idea aside, it really is starting to seem that weighty decisions of war and peace were made based on beliefs, instead of facts. Many things are in doubt, […]

Politicized Intelligence

The latest fall-out from the use of bad intelligence by the Bush administration is unfolding, and it seems that a semi-questionable episode finally has produced broken laws and culprit(s) that will be found. Most Presidents and administrations politicize the use of intelligence. It is hard to criticize the Bush administration for that. It’s even hard […]


Paul Krugman and Al Franken say that Republicans and the Bush administration people lie, that they don’t just distort the truth, they state knowingly that up is down, or black is white. They say that these lies are beyond the pale, that they are so egregious that the U.S. public should see the policies of […]