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Generation M: an Unmanifesto

The below is my attempt to remove the frothy and breathless tone from “Generation M manifesto” by Umair Haque, because I liked it in many ways. It is definitely more boring, but I hope more real as well. I don’t believe any manifesto can express the right amount of humility towards these questions, but it […]

in praise of assholes

Recently I’ve found myself having very unpleasant conversations with people about work. Often, both of us are in a bad situation, and there is no easy way to make the project better, only ‘least bad’ answers. It’s a negative situation. Dealing with the disappointment and upset in this situation often leads people to act badly, […]


I liked this post from Caterina Fake so much that I made myself a small leaflet version with these and other singletasking axioms to post by my desk (download PDF). I am kicking the interrupt-driven lifestyle!

protest and gaza

The feet of one of three Palestinian siblings from the Al-samoni family, killed by an Israeli tank shell, are seen in the mortuary of Al-Shifa hospital, on January 5, 2009 in Gaza City. Seven members from the Al-samoni family were killed including the mother, three children and a baby, when an Israeli shell struck their […]

the attention economy: huh?

I follow a blog called “The Online Photographer” by Mike Johnston, an experienced photographer and writer who was the editor of Photo Techniques magazine for about ten years. It’s a good blog, and he knows what he’s talking about. I was sort of surprised to read this in his post (he’s referring to a discussion […]

my fake startup out of stealth mode

Update: I really wanted to switch to Evernote, the built in OCR is amazing, but its lack of easy integration with all my existing stores of things that are spread all over was a deal-breaker ultimately. Still hoping for the new, real thing that’s better… Update 2: Looks like we have a winner: Buru. If […]


magenta from benjaminclemens on Vimeo. Another fragment, with the very patient Elan Freydenson and Lily Chai.

Five design processes that don’t work

See update at bottom. Having a “design process” for Web projects is an appealing idea. It codifies principles that designers like into rationales for involving design in major decisions. Since design is imagining, a lot has been written about doing innovation through design. Since I’m getting really old now I have seen many different attempts […]


further from benjaminclemens on Vimeo. A ten second thought in pictures, inspired by and made with Jill.

Paul ford is my hero

$5 Chocolate Bar “the urge to say something stupid or fucked rises up like habit, but I fight it. I’m hungry for one genuine moment without insult, wit, or smoke.”