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Richard Rorty, rest in peace

A real hero of authentic, human, and humble attempts to figure out how to live and think: Richard Rorty, 1931-2007 Update: J├╝gen Habermas writes the eulogy: …philosophy is there to reconcile the celestial beauty of orchids with Trotsky’s dream of justice on earth. Nothing is sacred to Rorty the ironist. Asked at the end of […]

go mets

The Mets have come into their own as a team, finally. They have a convincing claim on leadership of the East, built with hard work and despite missing their best pitcher, while the Yankees cannot find a win with a huge roster of monster talents and an almost hysterical desperation. It shouldn’t be this way […]

thank you

Thank you to Joy, Ash, Bradley, Caterina, Salim, and Larry, who said yes go ahead, and thank you to Mike Chang, Aaron Koblin, and Juliana Yamashita, who made all of the utterly amazing visuals and demos, thank you to Brian, Brooke, Eliote, Christine, Jennifer, and Carrie who did the hard work, and thank you to […]

silicon valley

I pinned the poster for the AIGA’s latest studio visit series up outside my cube at work. I listened as two people stopped to look at it, at first confused about what it was for; then finally figuring out it was for a design event. “Oh, now I know I can safely ignore it,” said […]

the mouse

Many years ago, I battled mice in my aunt Amy’s kitchen. Repeated battles cause a sort of obsession, documented here in this short video.

The Creative Ghetto

So wants to be agency of record for Subway sandwiches, and they decide to make a video for Subway about their team, as a ‘viral video’ that they will upload to YouTube, etc. They make the video, and it’s really sort of sad to watch probably smart and talented people try to graft something […]


There’s nothing quite like taking care of my daughter to blast away selfishness, bitch-slap my inner child, napalm my therapist, etc. And I’m doing just great. Right about the time I’m congratulating myself on how far I’ve come is great timing for another reminder, though. Just the other day, we had a blow out. I […]