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authentic media

Most people have a tremendous longing for something, a place in the past they wish they could have again, regret about a bad thing they’ve done, a wish for something that seems out of reach. You keep going ahead with your life in some way, but you have a “hungry backward look” (Phillip Roth’s phrase) […]

Why is Relevance Only in Search?

When I do a Web search, Yahoo!, Google, and a couple other companies do an amazingly sophisticated job of showing me a page that has a finely tuned blend of information — matching on words, filtering based on ranking, many small adjustments for the corpus I’m looking within. All of this combines to generate an expectation that when I need some information, a Web search is a good way to go.

why blog

What could be more uselessly meta than blogging about the reasons for blogging? Whatever. Here we go: The Good People blog for attention, or in the expectation of getting more attention. Since blogging originated with geeks, “attention” paid to blogs has been turned into a set of equations (trackbacks, comments, etc.). In this realm, blogging […]