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React + Webpack + SCSS + Fetch dev boilerplate

I could not for the life of me find a good example of boilerplate for React with Webpack and loading external data from some kind of API, so I put together the parts with Babel 6, SCSS, hot reloading, and Fetch. (it’s only suitable for local development, though build pieces are started). I hope you find […]

Apple’s iBooks Author Does not Create a Book

After almost a thousand years of trying it out, I think it’s safe to say that the book as a way of publishing things is a success. Yet all the things that make books work are being abandoned in the latest tool to make ebooks. A “book” still means something made out of paper-like material; […]

design and agile

New methods for managing people making Web sites are big these days, with the most popular being Agile. Basically it boils down to making a small team of builders completely responsible for a project, and enforcing constant communication as people work on it in well-defined chunks. There are many engineer/programmer proponents for this, but few […]

data as interface: flow

I believe that there are two kinds of ideas in the world: those that divide things into two types, and those that don’t… and then there’s a third, which tries to wriggle out of either. This is one of those. The basic idea: a better interface to data would be to turn the data itself […]

some feedback for a K-8 school’s technology plan

A schooI’s technology plan I read is mostly about computers for students and teachers, other equipment, and goals for integrating equipment use into the classrooms and professional development plans, without describing what students would do with the computers. Some feedback I gave: I like the quote from John See’s on the cover of the plan, […]

saving journalism cluster-frak

Newspapers and magazines are losing money very quickly. News content remains very popular, but most of it is available for free. News aggregator sites serve newspaper content to large audiences for free, and Craigslist has killed the major source of ad revenue that newspapers need, and people are used to getting magazine content for free […]

what comes after search?

Reading about the epic battle against Google that Microsoft, TimeWarner, and Yahoo continue to lose, I have to wonder if it’s really such a world-beating thing to own search. Right now it is, since the search box is the interface to much of the Internet for people. But isn’t that a sad, pinched state of […]

leaving flickr

Photowalking, originally uploaded by George. George Oates (who I know some and whose work I like tremendously) was laid off in the latest round at Yahoo. Also, many extremely talented people from Brickhouse (Samantha Tripodi, Chis Martin, Jeannie Yang, Ben Ward, Ken Thornhill, Premshree Pillai, and Kevin Thornback, none of whom I knew well, I […]

serving JSON to jquery: a head-slap

I hope in some way that this post will help those who made the same stupid mistake I did and wasted way too much time figuring out something that in retrospect is obvious. Sigh. Hypothetically speaking, if you wanted to make a servejson.php page to serve data in JSON format, it might look something like […]

getting a feel for what’s out there in the world

There are lots of bits and pieces of information around that seem to tell you about what’s going on in the world, but even the best of these are, finally, someone’s subjective judgement call, what they think is happening. They may be professionals, etc., but I want to get a feel for myself of what’s […]