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sticker spaces

semantics, piles, and clusters

As I approach the singularity (doing the whole spectral clustering thing on my own, rather than relying on genius kids for the heavy lifting), this caught my eye as a great rationale for doing the semantics-free work: An interesting property of corpus-based theories of cognition (such as Latent Semantic Analysis) is that they cannot be […]

NY Times magazine on flickr: fail

1576684627 In an article about Flickr by Virginia Heffernan (“Sepia No More” in the New York Times Magazine), she bemoans what she sees as the dominant aesthetic on Flickr: As art-school photographers continue to shoot on film, embrace chiaroscuro and resist prettiness, a competing style of picture has been steadily refined online: the Flickr photograph. […]

clear thinking about social media

Given the petabytes (exabytes?) of words that have been expended on social media, user generated content, participatory media, etc. etc. etc., it is miraculous to read a book that lays out clearly and simply the why and how of the phenomenon. That book is Here Comes Everybody, by Clay Shirky. I like reading a lot […]

sarah is three!

Sarah just turns me to warm goo, babbling all the clich├ęs I’ve heard, because the overwhelming love blows all other thought away: She amazes me every day, she is beautiful, precious, it is such a blessing to take care of her, it is unnerving how fast time slips away, etc. We are so, so lucky. […]

go mets

The Mets have come into their own as a team, finally. They have a convincing claim on leadership of the East, built with hard work and despite missing their best pitcher, while the Yankees cannot find a win with a huge roster of monster talents and an almost hysterical desperation. It shouldn’t be this way […]

the iphone and swooshiness

It was impossible for me not to know about the iPhone as soon as it happened, I am a sucker for anything Apple. But I don’t actually want one, which is weird to me, as usually I would want one of each from the entire Apple Store. I don’t love my Treo at all, but […]

words my baby says

Four months later, a verbal explosion! 262 and counting…again airplane alligator apple applesauce are arm around away baby ball balloon banana barn bath bathroom bear bed bee beep belly big bike binkie bird bite blanket blocks boat bonk book bottle bowl box boy bread brush bubbles bucket bug bunny butterfly camel camera car carrots cat […]

Oblique Pictures

I’ve always loved the deck of cards Brian Eno and Peter Schmidt published back in the 70s, Oblique Strategies. The koan-like ambiguity is helpful when wrestling with design decisions. I like words, but I thought some of the concepts would be even more usefully vague in pictorial form…

bravery and acceptance

Barnard College Emily Gregory Award 2006, acceptance speech by (my aunt) Amy Trompetter “You were born with your authentic self and your ethical integrity intact. You are moving from innocence to sophistication and deciding what are the realistic compromises that you must make in order to live in this imperfect world that you have inherited […]