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man I wish I could go to this

It’s worth it just for the illustration, a neat summary of collective intelligence approaches. The course has 2 phases: Network Structure and Network Dynamics. The first phase focuses on networks as static entities. It is based on the Graph Theory and concerned with the structure. The second phase focuses on the processes taking place in […]

mozilla ubiquity could be the ultimate social media tool

One of the most exciting things (to me) about Mozilla’s Ubiquity is the ability to annotate pages directly in the browser. Really. There is not much there in the 0.1 release to make the feature useful or justify my enthusiasm, but the fact that it saves all my annotations in a browser storage area (at least temporarily) and includes sharing functions already makes it dangerously close to a new variant of social media.

excessive competition, china, and social media glut

China is going through huge growth, about 10% a year. While there remains a huge part of the country to lift out of poverty, one would think that this amount of growth would result in plenty of opportunity for everyone to make a good deal of money with less competitive pressure than in ‘mature’ markets. […]

twitter for place: /

The great geek solution for adding a generic tag in twitter is “#word,” a “hashtag“, but some are using it to indicate place as well. Seems like a lost opportunity to integrate place into twitter in a first class way! The only reference I can find to an alternative is someone proposing “L:” — horsey. […]

twiphlo: another fake startup!

“Twiphlo” (yeah, twitter iphone location… can’t have a fake startup without a cutesy name) is my tiny contribution to making one particular activity easier: combining twitter with location updating, as an iPhone web app (yeah, I know web apps are dead on iPhone). The idea is that you can replicate some of the functions of […]

semantics, piles, and clusters

As I approach the singularity (doing the whole spectral clustering thing on my own, rather than relying on genius kids for the heavy lifting), this caught my eye as a great rationale for doing the semantics-free work: An interesting property of corpus-based theories of cognition (such as Latent Semantic Analysis) is that they cannot be […]

NY Times magazine on flickr: fail

1576684627 In an article about Flickr by Virginia Heffernan (“Sepia No More” in the New York Times Magazine), she bemoans what she sees as the dominant aesthetic on Flickr: As art-school photographers continue to shoot on film, embrace chiaroscuro and resist prettiness, a competing style of picture has been steadily refined online: the Flickr photograph. […]

Time for a different solution for personal data on social networks

Many of the good ideas below came in talking about personal information with Doug Fritz, the bad parts are my own ideas. When Friendster and Flickr started getting traction (2002 and 2004 respectively), I wasn’t a huge fan of the functionality, but the social aspect was totally addictive. I got seriously into each (and even […]

clear thinking about social media

Given the petabytes (exabytes?) of words that have been expended on social media, user generated content, participatory media, etc. etc. etc., it is miraculous to read a book that lays out clearly and simply the why and how of the phenomenon. That book is Here Comes Everybody, by Clay Shirky. I like reading a lot […]

Page One of Today’s New York Times

Libraries Shun Deals to Place Books on Web – New York Times “Several major research libraries have rebuffed offers from Google and Microsoft to scan their books into computer databases, saying they are put off by restrictions these companies want to place on the new digital collections. The research libraries, including a large consortium in […]