glare of attention


So, for someone who gets almost no online attention, I got all kinds today for my post about my stolen cell phone uploading pictures to my Flickr account. Kottke, and then about 50 other blogs pointed to my blog post (my favorite title: “Yo Quiero Your Cellphone“), and I instantly had about 15k 40k unique visitors and 78k pageviews on the post. The story got 2100 diggs. My blog’s server crashed. My comment mechanism went down (and is still down, sorry). Since there was some weirdness about the car pictures, I had a long string of people on Flickr saying I was some sort of guerilla marketer for ShoZu (the cell phone app I used). A brief story appeared on Reuters and CNN sites. I had about a dozen obscene emails, 20k 80k 200k views to my photostream, and a handful of calls to my desk phone at work with people saying things like “what the fuck are you doing?” in the space of three hours. Many weird words were used. I think it’s over now. Whew. I will be happy to get back to obscurity.
Update: I still have many people saying that this episode is a hoax, and/or I am a marketer. Please, this was not marketing, I have no connection to Shozu, the story is accurate and happened exactly as I’ve recounted. I simply posted the story to my blog, that’s all. I really am just some guy that this happened to. Thanks.