go mets

The Mets have come into their own as a team, finally. They have a convincing claim on leadership of the East, built with hard work and despite missing their best pitcher, while the Yankees cannot find a win with a huge roster of monster talents and an almost hysterical desperation. It shouldn’t be this way looking at it from the “moneyball” point of view, or the momentum point of view, or any point of view really. The Mets are comprised of a decent payroll of good players, a couple of stars, and a good coach, but they have no superheros among them to speak of. They play doggedly year after year, occasionally miraculously, mostly unevenly, sometimes heart-breakingly badly, but come back again and again somehow to compete in the most tantilizing, frustrating place in the world: just outside the Yankee’s spotlight (clearly, a great place to get slowly and quietly good, though).

It’s worth mentioning the way The New York Times has dealt with this switch in fortunes: amazingly badly. Here’s a grudging, fourth-paragraph quote from their main story as the Mets took their second win in the series with the Yankees, and pulled away from the Braves to first place in their division as the Yankees fell apart: “But nothing about this game […] could alter what those around here already suspected: The Mets are a better team, and not only because of their record, which improved to 28-14, the best in the National League…” As the capper, the headline for the article is “Another Injury to Another Pitcher And Another Loss for the Yankees.” Give me a fucking break. They should stop reading team popularity polls and cover what’s actually happening.

Regardless of what happens this year (the Yankees will eventually do something, the Brewers and the Indians look pretty good; it seems wide open), these Mets look like they are settled down and playing for themselves, and it’s great to watch.

UPDATE: Wow, what a difference three weeks makes! Despite all the injuries, I’m still loving watching those Mets…

UPDATE 2: Oh my fucking God what the fuck was that?????!?!?! Utter, complete, total humiliation!!!!