holy f*

Yikes, f8 looks like a monster, either a sea-change or the beginning of one. I guess openness really is built in to the way people want to use the Internet. Now, if only Yahoo!, Microsoft and Google would follow suit… come to think of it, if only the US mobile data market was opened up like this… *sigh.*

UPDATE: Jason Kottke nails the backlash against f8 as another AOL-style walled garden, overhyped. It’s true that there are similarities, but I think they are overstated. Currently, many of the ways that people interact socially aren’t built in to the Internet (his suggested open-standards replacement for the closed Facebook), so people find it useful to use Facebook or MySpace. Until there are open “social OS” protocols added on to the Internet, social network sites are useful and valuable. f8 is an open platform for development with standard tools, and a step in the right direction.

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