my fake startup out of stealth mode

Update: I really wanted to switch to Evernote, the built in OCR is amazing, but its lack of easy integration with all my existing stores of things that are spread all over was a deal-breaker ultimately. Still hoping for the new, real thing that’s better…
Update 2: Looks like we have a winner: Buru. If it had a badge and a couple other bells and whistles, I’d switch…

My development skills are pretty limited, so when I actually do something I have to make a big deal about it. I hacked together a tool so that I could more easily save links and publish my links feed. I wanted to save some to, some to my blog, some to an email list, and some to twitter, but these were all separate bookmarklets and copy and paste. So the project comprises a new bookmarklet and a bad copy of a Tumblr-like linkblog, which can easily live as a badge on my main blog (there it is to the right). So then I had to come up with a bunch of fake stuff (with that crap Web 2.0 shininess) to make the accomplishment more than it is of course.
In the five minutes before Tumblr or someone else makes this thin idea obsolete, it features:

  • – Extraction of thumbnails, descriptions, and tags for Flickr images, Amazon products, and Vimeo videos.
  • – Extraction of media embeds for YouTube, Current TV, and Vimeo videos.
  • – Tagging and collections for all saved items
  • – Up to 10 email lists of 10 recipients each

So where can you use it? You can’t unfortunately; I only have a tiny bit of a server, and I have no idea how to support an actual application. Sorry! I hope someone actually builds something like this so I can use it. For the time being it will be my basement hobby…

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