mozilla ubiquity could be the ultimate social media tool

One of the most exciting things (to me) about Mozilla’s Ubiquity is the ability to annotate pages directly in the browser. Really. There is not much there in the 0.1 release to make the feature useful or justify my enthusiasm, but the fact that it saves all my annotations in a browser storage area (at least temporarily) and includes sharing functions already makes it dangerously close to a new variant of social media.

Assuming that Ubiquity incorporates features to: a) add annotation elements to a page, b) stores annotations locally, c) lets me organize & collect annotated pages, and d) above all provides an easy way to share annotations socially, it seems like it could become my new bicycle! It would be:

  • a standard XHTML container that works everywhere, on/offline
  • a place to stash pages rather than remembering links
  • a notebook with bits and pieces of other pages
  • host an annotated page instead of drawing on a screenshot
  • add video/images/media to a page, make snarky comments on it, and send it around
  • make 2 or 3 pages into one page
  • make a page into a wiki, an no so great aspects of this. But I think this part of Ubiquity has the most potential to make sharing things on the web a whole order of magnitude easier, in a way that no bookmarklet, plug-in, greasemonkey script, or single-purpose site could.

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