twittercloud, a new ersatz startup!

Ok, I hate tag clouds. With a passion. Never again. But, since I was sorta happy with the term frequency normalization thing I was working on, I figured what the heck (the road to heck is paved with half-assed text analysis). And another thing, aren’t there like, 2,810,000 (and one) twitter clouds out there?

But here it is anyway, twittercloud. It’s slightly different than other clouds, in that you can generate a cloud from a query term (not just whatever is hot or an individual’s tweets), and you can see what tweets are generating the term right in page. It auto-refereshes with ajax to give you that clean feeling. Also, I happen to think frequency normalization gives a nice weighting that makes more interesting words pop up. Anyway, it was fun!

UPDATE: Now includes Flickr photos (a tag search based on the query term and cloud word) and much better twitterbot detection.

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