the attention economy: huh?

I follow a blog called “The Online Photographer” by Mike Johnston, an experienced photographer and writer who was the editor of Photo Techniques magazine for about ten years. It’s a good blog, and he knows what he’s talking about. I was sort of surprised to read this in his post (he’s referring to a discussion of ‘bokeh’ at another site,

It’s a bit disorienting for me now when I post at other sites; despite the fact that my name was referenced several times in the thread before I commented, no one paid the least bit of attention to anything I said. Not that it was so important…it’s just that, around here, I tend to get listened to. A lovely luxury, and thanks for that.

In this case, he commented on a discussion about a photography term that he invented. Of course it’s nothing new; people loud enough to get the attention of a mob, and especially on the internet, are probably full of shit. Actual knowledge and valuable work comes from the quiet folks, etc. But still good to be reminded of that…!

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