sharable media design convergence

Twitter, Friendfeed, and Facebook have seemingly converged on what has become the major reason to be connected to others on a social network: sharing short updates, links, photos, etc. A concept for mozilla’s Firefox also looks similar, and lifts ideas from iTunes to help organize things. The designs share some major elements:

  1. Publisher an area to enter some text, a url, or other media, to publish it out to friends or the public.
  2. Items an area where items are listed, either most popular or latest items, or some subset of items
  3. Sets an area where the set of items to show is chosen; it can be all items, items from certain friends or other sources, or user-created sets
  4. Notifications two of the designs have an area to surface notifications, recommendations, alerts, or otherwise push to the user stuff that might be interesting

I like this design convergence, if only because establishing a vernacular for these kinds of sharable media apps will lead to more familiarity with the interface as more people start to use them, and form the basis for the next leap towards an interface that supports more sophisticated forms of sharing and publishing.

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