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“hybrid” economy: socialism, web tools, and the end of bullshit commerce

Lawrence Lessig on the Colbert Report I loved watching Lawrence Lessig on the Colbert Report, he was so articulate and impatient for things to make sense after so much stupidity. I liked his idea of the hybrid economy — “read/write culture” and commercial culture in a symbiotic relationship, and wanted more. I have yet to […]

getting a feel for what’s out there in the world

There are lots of bits and pieces of information around that seem to tell you about what’s going on in the world, but even the best of these are, finally, someone’s subjective judgement call, what they think is happening. They may be professionals, etc., but I want to get a feel for myself of what’s […]

mozilla ubiquity could be the ultimate social media tool

One of the most exciting things (to me) about Mozilla’s Ubiquity is the ability to annotate pages directly in the browser. Really. There is not much there in the 0.1 release to make the feature useful or justify my enthusiasm, but the fact that it saves all my annotations in a browser storage area (at least temporarily) and includes sharing functions already makes it dangerously close to a new variant of social media.